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"Billiard" was formerly used as an umbrella term for all cue sports. While it is still used as a generic label for all such games, in the United Kingdom the word billiard refers exclusively to English billiards, in the United States it is used to refer to almost all cue sports in general.

Price: 100 CZK / hour
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Games with dice have several thousand years long history. The oldest dice found was made 5000 years ago of clay taken from the area of the Indus River. In Ancient Rome dice games were evincibly played by slaves as well as by emperors.In Orbis Pictus, famous work of Jan Amos Komenský (John Amos Comenius), one whole page was dedicated to dice.

Price: 10 CZK / hour


The game probably originated in Asia. In China domino has been known as Keat Pai, Ngapai, Chiupai or Timpai, in Korea as Ho Hpai or Koi Hpai and in Laos it has been called Tau-Tem. It seems that domino was imported to Europe by Marco Polo at the end of the 13th century and from there it was spread to the whole world.

Price: 10 CZK / hour


Chess is a classic two-player strategy board game, in its competitive form it is also considered as a sport. It represents a clash of two enemy armies. Chess was created in the 15th century by a modification of a Persian game Shatranj, a successor to the old Indian game Chataranga.

Price: 20 CZK / hour

Table Hockey

The first game of table hockey was invented in 1932, in Toronto by the Canadian Donald H. Munro Sr. Don, like so many Canadians in the depths of the depression, was short of cash for Christmas presents. He had a wife and three young children. That year, the family all pitched in and made the first table hockey game.
Our table hockey comes from 1939.

Price: 10 CZK / game


The game originated in Germany, it was created in the turn of the 18th and the 19th century. Its name and the game itself is derived from the French game Mariage. The word "mariage" (in English "marriage") represented in French the message (ie Jack and the King of the same colour in the hands of one player).

Price: 10 CZK / hour

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